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 a really good scam

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PostSubject: a really good scam   Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:27 pm

Okey i found this on a site, costs money but i figured out a way to get it free.
(OBS Not sure if they all work anymore long time ago i got this and i just found it in a old map.)
__________________________________________________ _________________________________

Party Time Fast Flights

The Party Time travel bug is still working in 1.10.2. Eat deviate fish (not delights) until you get the "Party Time" curse. Then talk to the flight master. Shortly into the flight your character will try to start dancing, and that will take you to your destination instantly.

Ive recently collected about 300g without doing anything but sitting in Org for a few hours mailing items.

Make Easy Money

To start, go to General goods vendor and buy about 200-300 wrapping pappers(45 copper per papper). Also fill your packs (all 16 slotters empty) with blacksmiths hammers (16copper). Wrap all the hammers. Sit at mailbox clickin on 60's walking by and type in thier name into the mailto, put 1Gold COD and put the present. send. move on. dotn even put a message, you could if you really wanted to but i find this a waste of time. Just keep doing it, find guy, click, type name in mailto, put prezzie in 1gold COD and send.

Youd be suprised hwo many people will pay 1g to see whats in the box.

Kite Blasted Land dragon 50-90g/day

This is for alliance.
OK... The best way i have found is to have one hunter (no need to have a specific spec.), and one healer (Pala or Druid would be best).
The dragon i'm aiming for is Teremus the Devourer, he has a 22 hour spawn (i belive) he patrolls all over Blasted lands exept The Tainted Scar.
Have the hunter use Distracting Shot rank 4, just pull him towards Swamp of Sorrows.
The Pala have to ride close to the hunter and use his Fire Aura (100% speed mount help's).
It is also a good idea to buff the hunter whit Greater Blessing of Wisdom.
Now the hunter need's to quickly turn and shoot Distracting Shot about every each tie distracting shot is ready.
This will make sure you don't lose aggro.
When the Hunter get's low on life the Pala/Druid simply rides a up ahead and heals the hunter do this when the hunter has about 60%hp left.
Make sure the hunter don't use Feign Death AT ANY POINT.
When you reach SW you'll need to pull the dragon the safest way to High Lord Bolvar (SW keep).
When you get to this point you'll need to pull the dragon between the middle hallway and the room behind High Lord Bolvar. Repeat this untill the dragon is dead. If you are lucky Bolvar will take aggro BUT dont Feign Death or stop shooting for to long or some lowbie will get aggro and steal your loot.
When he dies (after several heal's) you'll get to loot him and he drops 1-5 Flawless Draenethyst Sphere,
which is used in the quest "To Serve Kum'isha" in Blasted land's.
The quest is repeatable and give you one Emerald Encrusted Chest wich contains (usualy),
one blue (rare) and one green (uncommon) item. But can also contain random world drop epic's!
This can be sold or disenenchanted for gem's.
I usaly make 50-90g in 1 run (after the hunter take's 50%!).
Did i mention that this usualy takes 30-40 min!

HINT: If you are willing to spilt the loot/money three ways, it can be done alot faster. Just have one person ride beside the dragon and tell the Hunter on VT/TS when his fire breath build's up (Fire at the neck of the dragon). That way the hunter can use Cheeta most of the time and get it done in 20min!
Bank Multiple Special Bags
You can put several of the special one-of bags (enchanting, herbalism, etc) in your bank at the same time. You have to unequip the one that you're using on your character first. Then you can put as many of these special bags as you want into your bank. They'll stay there even after you re-equip the special bag on your character. Great for storing lots of materials.
Log In Without Paying
This exploit should be used with care. It will let you log into your account and play even if it has expired. If you overuse it there might be real-world consequences to your credit rating, don't mess with it lightly.

Log into the main payment page and sign up for a month's subscription with a credit card. Your card won't be charged immediately, but you'll have your account re-activated while you're waiting. Start up the game and log into your account, everything should work fine even though you haven't paid a thing. Now go back to the payment page and cancel the subscription, putting a stop on your payment. You'll never even get charged, but you'll still be in game! You can play normally until you log back out, at which time your account is deactivated.

You're abusing a mistake in their payment system, and if it happens too much they'll fix it. But until they do, if you're late on a payment or just need to log into an old account, this trick will work for temporary access.
Two Day PowerLeveling Guide 1-60
Two Day Grind

Horde Grinding Spots:
0-15 - Questing fastest possible exp.
15-20 - The Barrens - Harpies *
15-20 - The Barrens - Bristleback(s) *
20-25 - The Barrens - Bael Dun Exavs *
20-25 - Hillsbrad - Hillsbrad Farmers (etc)
22-26 - Thousand Needles - Galak Scouts (etc) *
26-30 - Hillsbrad - Mud Gnolls *
25-30 - Thousand Needles - Grimtotems
30-38 - Shimmering Flats - All monsters. *
38-40 - Dustwallow Swamp - Very North East Islands, Murlock Warriors/Oracles.

Horde And Alliance Grinding Spots:
40-46 - Feralas - Woodpaws (stay away from the ones that disease for
slow casting speeds) **
46-48 - Feralas - Frayfeather Skystormers *
48-50 - Feralas - Harpies
48-51 - Southwest of Gadgetzan - Thistleshrubs *
50-54 - Western Plaguelands - First 'field' to the left, assorted monsters.
54-60 - Western Plaguelands - Scarlet Lumberjacks
52-60 - Eastern Dire Maul - Lashers ****

* = Recommended

EXP Rates:
Levels 30-40 = 18-20k exp/hour
Levels 40-51 = 20-25k exp/hour
Levels 52-60 = 40-50k exp/hour (Dire Maul)

Power Leveling
This is the method the power levelers have used since closed beta and I finally got one of them to give it up. It is by no means the way to go if you want to maximize your experience in the game as this method will bypass almost all the content in the game and essentially ignore many of the fun, unique aspects of WoW. This is not recommended for new players and is meant for players who already have experienced the content and just want to level up an alt to play with their level 60 friends (ie. your level 60 instance group needs a priest and there are no priests to be had). As a benchmark to how successful you are with this, download cosmos (Cosmos) and use the clock feature to measure your xp/hour. At level 50 you should be getting about 40,000+/hour. 1-20: Newbie lands, stick to the friendly zones (not contested). Just grind. The quests are a waste of time up to level 20 if you are focusing on maxing out xp per hour. 20-26: Wetlands quests and raptors/slime/orcs for grinding. Redridge mountain Lakeshire quests.

26-30: Duskwood quests and undead for grinding. Hillsbrad critter roamers for grinding.

30-35: Did these all in a day on Daggerspines in Hillsbrad right next to Southshore along the coast. Huge spawn, very fast respawn rate, easy mobs to kill. Purgation isle (island in the very far Southwest water area of Hillsbrad) also a nice secluded place you can grind on undead.

36-40: Hillsbrad southshore quests. Desolace quests and kodo grinding for 36-38, then Undead Ravagers in the southeast for 38-40. Cresting exiles at the circle of outer binding in Arathi also for 37-41; extremely easy mobs with a fast respawn. Alterac ogres from 35-40 for grinding. Drywhisker kobolds in Arathi east of Hammerfall for 36-39 for grinding.

41-45: Hinterlands trolls, owl beasts, and wolves for grinding and quests. Badlands ogres, gnolls, and quests.

45-48: Tanaris quests and pirates on the eastern paninsula for grinding. Stranglethorn vale quests (only if you need rewards imo). Badlands greater elementals for grinding.

48-52: Felwood deadwood gnolls for grinding and quests from the sanctuary in the south. Blasted lands dreadmauls for grinding. Un'goro crater (best started at 50) for primarily quests and grinding off the plants and tar elementals. Azshara undead highbornes and thunderhead hyppogriffs for grinding.

52-55: Azshara blood elves for grinding. Burning steppes dreadmaul rock ogre caves firegut ogres (very low AC) for grinding. Felwood irontree woods and cave for grinding (great spot). Western plaguelands questing for argent dawn and grinding on undead throughout the various camps.

55-58: Eastern plaguelands quests from the sanctuary, grinding on undead at the ruined towns. Winterspring grinding at winterfall village or Lake Kel'Theril undead highbornes (my personal favorite camp). Blackrock Stronghold in Burning Steppes for grinding.

58-60: "The" yeti cave in Winterspring, due Southeast of Everlook (very nice place). Grosh Gok compound ogres in Deadwind pass (great spot, no one knows about it). Eastern plaguelands Fungal Vale undead grinding and argent dawn token farming. Moonowls in northeast winterspring for grinding.
Inflated AH Prices
You will need:
1x Rare-ish Item (Preferably a BoE epic or very good blue)
2x World of Warcraft characters
1x Server filled with idiots

1. Take your rare-ish item, for example a Shadowblade (epic dagger) and put it on the AH for a grossly overpriced amount (like 500g or something).
2. Log on an alternate character, preferably one that will get use out of the item.
3. On your other character spam trade with WTB Shadowblade, paying 600g!
4. Pray that someone will see your spam, see it in the AH for 500g and think they can make an easy 100g by selling it to you.
5. Log back on your main to have a nice 500g waiting for you in the mailbox!
Set your hearth point anywhere!
With help from a cross-faction friend, you can hearthstone anywhere in the world except instances. First is to find someone of the enemy faction that will help you. For the example in this exploit lets say you are alliance and your friend is horde.

1. You and your horde friend will find an alliance inkeeper. Your horde friend then "pulls" your inkeeper and continues to hit him with nonlethal strikes while leading him away. Many classes have attacks that do not do damage like curse, concussive shot, faerie fire, etc.

2. While the horde player is pulling your inkeeper while dousing him with nonlethal strikes you follow. The horde player pulls the inkeeper to the location you want...it could be anywhere, miles away from the inn.

2. Once you reach your desired location, have your horde friend cease his attacks and let the inkeeper kill him

3. This will cause the inkeeper to "freeze" once combat is over. HOWEVER, because the inkeeper is now miles and miles away from his original home, he will go into "EVADE" mode for a few seconds before getting teleported back.

4. During the time he is in EVADE mode, you can talk to him and set your hearthstone!

You could use this exploit to bind yourself anywhere. dungeon entrances, BG locations, wherever.

there are so many uses for this exploit. consider:
pull an innkeeper to the Stranglethorn Arena and hearth right as the STV chest spawns. endless possibilities
Anti-Sap in BGs
1. /target rat
2. Cast fear, demoralizing shout or any other non dmg spell(sheep for mage)
3. You will now be "immune" to sap as long as the rat is in your spell/ whatever range.
3 Marks for every BG game
First you must have a friend (who is a priest) of the oposing faction.

ask them on vent or the phone, to mind controll you just as the other team is about to win

for example a horde guy mc's you while horde are on 1990.

when the game finishes the server will still recognise you as MC and on the oposing faction and will give you 3 marks as it thinks you were on the winning side.

as a little add on, you can use your MC cap right before the game ends and make the oposing teams member only get 1 mark.
Send Anonymous Mail
If you want to send someone an anonymous piece of mail for whatever reason, here's how you do it. Create a new character, and send him whatever money or items that you want to send anonymously. From that new character send your items to their recipient, then delete the character. When they get their mail it will be 'from: unknown' with no way for them to track it.
Mount with the flag in WSG
Carry the flag outside of the enemy base, drop it, and start summoning your mount. As soon as you regain action, before the mount has finished summoning, right click the flag to pick it up. You'll now be mounted and have the flag.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Also found this one

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

If you are looking to dupe by yourself it is pretty simple.
There are 2 methods of solo duping, Method one "Double Box" and Method two "Single Box"

Method one:
1. Set up 2 computers on your home network.
2. sign into World of Warcraft on both of them, Each computer using a seperate account.
3. follow the normal dupe instructions.
using this method should actually be easier than duping normaly as it will easily put twice as much strain on your network connection.

Method two:
1. Install World of Warcraft on your computer
2. Install World of Warcraft on the Same computer under a diffrent Directory ( Example: C:\Program Files\Games\Wow1 an C:\Program Files\Games\Wow2
3. Start the game from BOTH directories at the same time.
4. Sign into World of warcraft With a Seperate account for Each Directory.
5. Follow the normal dupe instructions.
using this method may or may not be the hardest way to dupe depending on the speed of your pc. if you can swap between the 2 instances of the game running fairly quickly you should have no trouble at all. this is the method i personally use once you get the hang of it it is by far the fastest and easiest way to dupe.

Getting that new tier 5 set 9012 gold, Getting Leveled by a man in china $175. Getting keyed for kara 150 gold, Being the one to Ninja the last boss 15 days of being banned... Making your own mangoes server Priceless. For all the unexpected charges use...
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a really good scam
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