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 C.O.D scam!

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PostSubject: C.O.D scam!   Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:17 pm

First of all. make a lvl 1 character, give it a bank like name like Bankmee or something like that the go to your main and sent tons of letters to your newly made bank saying "Start question 24/7 as the title. now as soon as your bank alt gets the messages, take them and find as many lvl 50-60 peeps. then what you have to do is send them to this lvl 50-60 peeps and say as your title " Almost free powerleveling to 70!" as your title. then put in a little luv message like: " Heya, me and my friend have found this amazing powerleveling guide and we'd like to share it with you all, but for just a small price. then put in the "Start questing 24/7" letter in the item box then go to C.O.D put an amont up to 5g and voila! you don't wanna believe how many peeps waste arond 5g just to see what it is.

Now I know How to make this UNbannable. instead of putting "Start question 24/7" letter put on a free guide to lvl 70 and ofc, you won't get banned! do this about 10 times and restart all over again!

200g+ made from this

Getting that new tier 5 set 9012 gold, Getting Leveled by a man in china $175. Getting keyed for kara 150 gold, Being the one to Ninja the last boss 15 days of being banned... Making your own mangoes server Priceless. For all the unexpected charges use...
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C.O.D scam!
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