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 WoW glider the best bot out there

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PostSubject: WoW glider the best bot out there   Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:44 pm

Glider (previously WoWGlider) is a popular gameplay automation program (bot) for the MMORPG World of Warcraft created by MDY Industries, Inc., LLC. It was renamed to Glider on March 22nd, 2007 to avoid potential copyright infringement caused by using "WoW" in the title. Glider can automate PvE play but has been less successful in PvP. It is currently the subject of a lawsuit between MDY Industries and Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of World of Warcraft.

The bot automatically grinds for you. It will kill mob after mob, pick up Items, start fishing, or mining, depending on how you configure it. It works via Profiles. Those profiles are .xml files which you can easily make yourself with a built-in Glider feature. It can be fully customized and used for all Classes. The best classes for botting are Hunters and Warlocks because they have Pets which can tank; they are the DPS classes, dealing most Damage. You can run the Glider completly minimized, means you can minimize your instance of World of Warcraft and do something on the Desktop, like doing your homework or playing another game (e.g Bot is Gliding in WoW, if your computer is good enough, then you can start playing Battlefield 2 or whatever you like.) You can also launch another Instance of World of Warcraft and use as many Gliders at the same time as you want, if your computer can handle it.
That is what the Powerleveling services are doing, they are running about 8-10 Gliders at a time to ensure they can level all Characters fast.
But you can not only Glide with the WoW Glider, you can make a profile easily for everything, you could make a Profile for letting all your Twinks run directly to Orgrimmar from the Horde-starting-area.

Is it detectable?
It is currently not. Mercury, the developer of MMoGlider, constantly works on the security and new offsetts. Currently Warden, the Anti-Cheat Program of World of Warcraft can not detect it, because Mercury built in several Debugging Protections. The only way you can get banned is because you are being reported by other Players. 95% of all Bannings in WoW are because of other players' reportings. Ofcourse there could always be a Warden-Update, but Mercury checks the scan.dll, the .dll File which is used by Warden, daily for any changes. As soon as there are changes, he notifies you instantly with a Warning in the Glider-Window, which should then make you stop using the Glider.

What does it cost?
The full-version of Glider costs 25$ (17). That is a reasonable price because Mercury spends all his time on the Glider, as it is now his main profession, developing the GLider. But there is also a free Version of the Glider, but you can only use it around Darkshore.

Where do I get it?
Just click the link http://store.mmoglider.com//index.php/~336 about more Information and so on. Just try the free Version before; I can promise, it is a really good Bot, hence I have used it several times myself before. You can pay via PayPal or Creditcard.

Getting that new tier 5 set 9012 gold, Getting Leveled by a man in china $175. Getting keyed for kara 150 gold, Being the one to Ninja the last boss 15 days of being banned... Making your own mangoes server Priceless. For all the unexpected charges use...
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WoW glider the best bot out there
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