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 New rules

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PostSubject: New rules   Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:42 pm

General posting rules:

Do not spam. To spam is to hijack/steal others thread with something irrelevant. So if the thread is about the Warcraft III maphack called RedMap, and suddenly someone says something about cookies, then it is spam.

Do not ask for for idiotical programs which we don't have in our download section. A basic example is the Warcraft 3 Winhack. There will never be a similar Hack. So do not spam, beg or start asking for it.

Do not post 3 times in a row. If you have posted something, and would like to add something you have forgotten, then use the Edit button to add what you forgot.

Do not bump old threads if unnecessary.
If programs stop working properly because of a game update and you come across a very old thread that contains a hack that doesn't work anymore, don't bother asking how to get it to work in an obsessive way. Do not go to the forum index and look at page 3 or 4 to find a topic. If we see you do this and post on purpose, then we will warn you.

Do not flame/insult other users of Warshout. You are not allowed to flame/insult by posting in the forum if you are above 18 years of age, posting at the chatbox or sending and Personal Message (PM). If you do flame/insult, we have the right to ban you from the community for lifetime.

No racism/race discrimination
If you are being a racist, please do not post or share it with the rest of the community. If you post something racist, we have the right to ban you from the community for lifetime.

If an administrator/moderator tells you something, then take a second and listen, (read it twice) before responding. Remember that we are the ones in charge.

Think twice before posting. Your question (or anything) may have been asked before, do a search, and if you don't find anything, then feel free to make a new topic.

No adult material no porn, pictures of nude women / guys.
We can't let those who are below the required age of adult material to see such stuff. If you are horny, try to google, but don't post anything on these boards.

Don't post illegal things like music, cracks, cinema videos or CD-keys, that can make other users get programs you usually have to pay for, for free. Neigher post how to get them.

Spelling and grammar
Please try to write decent and understandable English, if you have problems with the English language I suggest you go to msn and add SmarterChild@hotmail.com. It is a computer that can do the most you want it to do, like "Spell Frequentloioy" then it will say, "This was spelled wrong", and it will give you a list of the right words,
You may also try Dictionary.com or the google toolbar.

If you want to upload a file, attatch it to the post or even better use a free host similar to rapidshare. If this file contains a harmful file, you'll be banned.

No Advertising (unless approved by an Administrator).
(PM An admin if you want to advertise for your site)

Do not use huge or offensive avatars or signature pictures!
I am aware of the situation. People use huge avatars/signature pictures which leads to overlapping of forum pages. Be reasonable and use decent sizes for your avatars. The max size is 500x200 pixels for signatures and 100x100 for avatars. If you don't obey this rule, your sig/avatar will be removed, and if you add it again, you will recieve an warning. Ignoring the warning will lead to permanent ban. Offensive avatars, however, will result in temporary ban.

Give detailed explanations of your problems!
Stating that "I start the bot and it doesn't work! Please help!" won't lead anywhere, if you don't state the full approach of your problem (what you do, how you do it). Give more details on what you have tried, what error you get and what the program doesn't do right.

It is also recommended to ask for help though PMs, but don't PM people for hacks. If reported, you will get warned!

Warblogg can be shut down at any time and is not willing to perform any Pay-backs.

Do not ask if a hack is laddersafe or not. The hacks were meant to be used at singleplayer. They may be useable at ladder games too, but that is not the purpose of the hacks. If they are not useable for ladder games, it will be stated in the first post and in the thread title. If you ask "Is it laddersafe" we will warn you and delete your post. If you ask again, we will warn you for asking, pluss for repeating an deleted post.

Do not ask people to send files to your email by using the forum, use the PM ( Private message ) system.

Do not make multiple accounts. If one of your accounts is banned and you make a new account, you will be permanently IP banned. If you forgot your password, then use the password recovery instead of making a new account.

If you do break any rule, then we have the right to close,disable or even ban your account or IP from Warblogg forever.
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New rules
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