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 [Exploit/Warlock only] All Warlock Curses at Blackheart the

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PostSubject: [Exploit/Warlock only] All Warlock Curses at Blackheart the   Thu Jul 19, 2007 3:17 pm

This is for Warlocks, put up a curse, and after you are mc'd the curse will still be on Blackheart the Inciter but you can put up another curse on him, so you can have CoS, CoE,CoA every 40 seconds (which is when he will mc you). CoS and CoE last for 5 mins so after those 2 are up you'll pretty much just use CoA, but still a nice way to have extra dmg

source: edgeofnowhere.cc

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[Exploit/Warlock only] All Warlock Curses at Blackheart the
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