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 Enchanting profession

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PostSubject: Enchanting profession   Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:27 pm

Enchanting is the ability to permanently augment armour and weapons with magical enhancements. Enchanters do not create the original item, they need to have an item first to enchant. They need to disenchant magical items in order to gather the necessary reagents to use when enchanting other items. They can also create oils which when applied to a weapon will imbue with temporary benefits that can stack with permanent enchantments.

As the magical item is destroyed in the process of disenchanting this is the hungriest of Professions as far as resources are concerned, especially when you take into account you can not sell the dusts, essences or shards you get from items to vendors. You can sell them to other players however.

Enchanting is a Primary Service Profession and therefore counts towards your 2 primary profession limit.

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Enchanting profession
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