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 WoW paladins class

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PostSubject: WoW paladins class   Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:20 pm

Upholders of the Holy Light and defenders of the Alliance, the Paladins can be found from the northern forests of the Tirisfal Glades, fighting back the advance of the Forsaken, to the southern reaches of the Blasted Lands, ceaselessly upholding their vigil against demonic forces from beyond the Dark Portal. Wielding their mighty hammers and the strength of the Light, these holy warriors command forces in battle, all the while throwing themselves to where the fighting is the thickest. Here are a few sample spells available to Paladins:

Divine Shield - Drawing on their faith in the Holy Light, Paladins are able to surround themselves with an impregnable shield that renders them impervious to physical attacks and magical spells.

Devotion Aura - A paladin's specialty lies in the ability to command. Those who follow one of the holy warriors feel themselves steeled in battle by their leader's courage and strength.

Holy Light - Manifesting the power of the Light, Paladins are able to heal their comrades in battle using their holy magic.

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WoW paladins class
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