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 warlock 15-70 grinding

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PostSubject: warlock 15-70 grinding   Thu Jul 19, 2007 2:00 pm

This is something you can do at 15-70...with my warlock i got good amount of gold and nice xp doing this...the key things you need to have are corruption, viodwalker, and any other dot spell.

1- find a nice grinding spot it doesnt matter if there are spellcasters or ranged guys.

2- you must have void walker out.

3- have your void walker on agressive, then have him start to agroe mobs, make sure he is tanking them correctly otherwise when you start corruption or and dot's they will attack you.

4- when your void is at low health heal him, then after the channeling is over, start casting your dots and every sing mob, make sure you get them all.

5- also dont agroe more then 5 mobs, then youll be at a high risk of dying.

6- when the dots are about to go away, then you start to cast them again...cast all your dot's except immolation...immolation causes dmg at the start we want overtime dmg.

7- just keep repeating those steps till all mobs are dead.

8- for a talent build i would go affliction...its the best grinding/leveling/pve spec. for pvp i guess demo or destruction would do well, but i think affliction is probably the best for everything.


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warlock 15-70 grinding
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