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 modelchanging mania

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PostSubject: modelchanging mania   Thu Jul 19, 2007 4:32 pm

Ok, so here it is, a collection of model edits, from around the globe. Sorry if any (probobly most) of these are already posted. Im not taking requests. The beard problem is not fixed, and neither is the helmet or the undead chin (on most) enjoi! ((apologies if any are named inncorrectly))

To make if work simply extract the contents of the Archive into you data folder. Then, donwload this: http://rapidshare.com/files/19679243...ge210.rar.html and extract it into your WoW folder. Then just run the ModelChange.exe instead of WoW and WoW will run with no errors! ((THIS HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED TO THE UPDATED VERSION, AND SHOULD RUN FINE))

Human Female -> Undead Male

Human Male to Dwarf Female

Human Male -> Undead Male

Human Male -> Draenei Female

Orc Male -> Draenei Male

Orc Male -> Draenei Female

Orc Male -> Night Elf Female

Orc Male -> Blood Elf Female

Orc Male -> Orc Female

Night Elf Female -> Draenei Female

Night Elf Female -> Bloodelf Female

Night Elf Female -> Undead Male

Night Elf Male -> Night Elf Female

Night Elf Male -> Tauren Male

Night Elf Male -> Blood Elf Female

Night Elf Male -> Undead Male

Night Elf Male -> Human Male

Undead Female -> Bloodelf Female

Undead Female -> Draenei Female

Undead Female -> Human Female

Undead Male -> Blood Elf Male

Undead Male -> Gnome Male

Undead Male -> Human Female

Undead Male -> Dreanei Female

Undead Male -> Dreanei Male

Undead Male -> Undead Female

Gnome -> Undead

Gnome Female -> Undead Female

Gnome Female -> Undead Male

Gnome Male -> Bloodelf Male

Gnome Male -> Troll Male

Gnome Male -> Troll Female

Dwarf Male -> Human Male

Dwarf Male -> Night Elf Female

Dwarf Male -> Orc Male

Tauren Male -> Blood Elf Male

Troll Male -> Undead Male

Troll Male -> Gnome Female

Troll Female -> Night Elf Female

Raptor -> Tiger

Ironbark Staff -> Grand Marshal's Stave

The Untamed Blade -> Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brooderhood
Kodo -> Blood Elf Mount

Getting that new tier 5 set 9012 gold, Getting Leveled by a man in china $175. Getting keyed for kara 150 gold, Being the one to Ninja the last boss 15 days of being banned... Making your own mangoes server Priceless. For all the unexpected charges use...
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modelchanging mania
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